Eldritch Grandpa is a comic spawned by the late-night rants of two ADHD insomniacs who have a lot of really stupid ideas.

The update schedule’s going to be sporadic for a bit while we figure out the rhythm, as the one person responsible for all the art draws another comic full time.
We hope you enjoy the dumb things we splooge all over the internet!


DT Saranya (Kris)

I draw things and put them on the internet. My hobbies include making music, playing tabletop, fighting fires, and traumatizing reddit.
I’m the one responsible for the butt joke war crime known as Waffles and Pancakes, a Webtoon Original that is somehow still up even though it’s wildly inappropriate.
I also now draw a silly adventure comic called Adventures with Eggie.

UplandSquawk (Bird)

“I’ll make a bio thingy too when am not die.”
-Bird, 12/16/2023