Eldritch Grandpa – Opening

So glad to finally unveil this comic. It's been consuming both Bird and my thoughts for months. This is, indeed, the "secret side project" I've been hinting at for months.

If you already know me from another comic, hi! If you don't, I'm DT, and I post stupid shit all over the place.

Eldritch Grandpa is co-written by a friend of mine, UplandSquawk (Bird), whom some of you have met in the Discord group. We are ADHD fucktards and this story is our chaotic brain child.

Welcome to this silly adventure, and I hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Eldritch Grandpa – Opening

  1. i absolutely love this so far

  2. Its not even a venomous chimera so its perfectly safe!

  3. I love the concept already! Came here from reddit.

  4. This. This is good. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Cuss word yeah! This is gonna be awesome (:

  6. DT I s2g you need to give us a special drawing of baby EG fighting a chimera with a rattle at some point

  7. Off to a good start… looking forward to more!

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