The man who fell in love with the moon – Part 3

I for one vote that Greg doesn't deserve a car. Also, friendly reminder: if you see some feral goblin named "UplandSquawk" screeching around in the comments, that's the co-creator. And yes, he does bite.

8 thoughts on “The man who fell in love with the moon – Part 3

  1. Its also helpful if you leave MANY people’s ID because then they have to check them all.

  2. I bet, after the confusion, that lady enjoyed the compliment.

  3. Gotta be honest… that is a super shitty ending to their love story…

  4. Remember, shop smart: shop S-Mart. YA GOT THAT!?

  5. Father and son get along remarkably well, all things considered.

  6. Been waiting on this update for a while, good to see it!

  7. This was worth the wait. Loved it!!!!!

  8. I wonder whether the Sun Paladin wife (Madeleine?) is still around…
    She might have met with a Heroic Death (occupational hazard), or she might just be working overtime.

    I also wonder how much of a badass Verity’s Dad is. He doesn’t seem like the type to actually *forget* how to make napalm or have knife fights after someone teaches him, and he’s probably not easy to intimidate after he’s banished a Goddess, but maybe all that’s a secondary thing and his real talent lies in finding case law precedents?

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