The man who fell in love with the moon – Part 2

Sorry for the huge delay - this was supposed to come out way earlier, but early January decided to throw Covid at me, and then late January into February decided that I should have bronchitis.

In any case, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

I should also point out out that the general strips are not meant to always be this long - the format's meant to be a bit shorter, but this particular story, I think, demanded a little more time per chapter.

Also please stop simping over the moon. Silly bitch jail is getting short on space. Whoever draws the shortest straw has to share a cell with Bird.


Bird: feral goblin noises

8 thoughts on “The man who fell in love with the moon – Part 2

  1. I was in this jail science eons past! Also First!

  2. You did the EXACT WRONG THING to get people to stop simping over the moon 🤣

  3. Nice comic, I am now hooked.

  4. So does that mean the granddaughter is one-quarter Moon?
    I wonder if there are metaphysical implications. Like, is it always high tide wherever she goes? Do werewolves like to howl at her? Is she a factor in local horoscopes?

    1. Asking the important questions.

  5. omg DT this brought tears to my eyes. i am absolutely HOOKED.
    also fr @Elaborate asking the right questions!

  6. share a cell with Bird? well, im off to simp for the moon then <3

  7. I am absolutely yearning for more on this comic. I am also an ADHD artist so I understand the struggle.

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